Bathmate Hydromax Review. Does it works for penis enlargement?

Water-based penis pumps(hydro pumps) became the topic number one in all forums about penis enlargement with the advent of new technology on the market, which is presented by two giants Bathmate Hydromax and Penomet pump. Men all over the world show a particular interest in these devices and thousands of reviews prove the effectiveness and safety of using such pumps.

The most popular penis pump is Bathmate Hydromax since this brand is already 13 years old. The peculiarity of technology is that the penis enlargement effect is achieved without harm to male health. You entirely cannot damage the penis and only benefit from using Bathmate hydro pump.


Agree, it would be great to increase your penis by 1-4 sizes without harm to your health and without the frustrations that usually await men who just want to eat pills and watch how their penis grows. You should know that penis enlargement on the ongoing basis is impossible without pressure on it. Bathmate uses water to create the right pressure on the penis. Air pumps work much less efficiently, so the new technology attracts a massive number of followers.

In this review of Bathmate Hydromax, we will consider only the most important questions:

  1. What makes Bathmate so effective and will enlargement be guaranteed?
  2. What is the difference between Originals, Hydromax, Xtreme?
  3. How to use Bathmate and how long to wait for the first results
  4. What else is needed to increase the penis beyond using Bathmate?
  5. Why should I choose Bathmate as there is a variety of different devices?
  6. How safe is it to use Bathmate?
  7. How penis pumps improve erection and stamina and help overcome penis curvature
  8. What Bathmate users say, the stories of their success
  9. Bathmate uses classical technology, which is based on creating a vacuum by pumping out water from the camera. Thanks to the tested technique, all veins are equally stimulated, the pores are evenly opened, all the dirt is removed from them, which helps the skin to breathe. Such cleansed skin is easier to stretch. The created pressure around the penis makes it possible to accelerate cell division. Due this process the growth of the penis occurs.

1. Due to exceptional quality materials, Bathmate achieved the next most important points:

  • Individual selection of tube for your penis size makes it possible to concentrate all efforts on your penis length and width (X20, X30, X40);
  • the created and patented Bathmate hydro-vacuum technology guarantees safety when using a pump. Agree, you wouldn’t want to engage in stretching a dick with a risk for sexual health or get injury;
  • Due to specially created penis pumping techniques, you can choose the optimal program for increasing the penis based on your wishes: usage time, usage period, load, length/width ratio.

Imagine that Bathmate is not just promising to help increase your penis. You can still control this process and bring the result to your central values.

What does it mean?
Some men are willing to give themselves to the task of increasing the penis more than others. They are ready to use the pump for a longer time in the shower: on a relaxed penis, slightly erected or fully erected. They are prepared to handle the maximum load, and it is given to them quickly.

Other men do not want to spend more than 10 minutes a day in the shower with the pump and choose a load lower to create a comfortable vacuum. Someone is concerned that his penis is too short, others – that he is also thin or thick. A lot of individual wishes and one tool for achieving the desired goal is Bathmate. Such a different approach to the result made Bathmate the most talked about product in the market for increasing a penis.

There are hundreds of topics and thousands of messages on each forum for improving the potency and penis enlargement. Someone is happy, but there are also dissatisfied. Someone is not ready to act on instructions and uses the techniques offered on the forum; someone combines Bathmate with exercises for stretching a penis, takes pills and uses extenders. You can see the methods that work, but Bathmate is at the center of any effective strategy for increasing the penis.

2. What is the difference between the Originals, Hydromax X- and Extreme
On the official online store, the division of products into separate series catches the eye. Naturally, buyers have questions about what to choose from the available assortment. Fortunately, the website is all created to the right and reasonable choice.

The Originals series is presented today by the Hercules pump. These are efficient hydro pumps, which are tested and recommended for use. But, in fact, this is the first product series. Its second representative Goliath is no longer available, and instead, it is recommended to buy Hydromax. As for Hercules, this pump goes in the same size as the tube and is designed for penis size up to 7 inches.

This is rather inconvenient, so the Originals series is not so popular today. It was replaced by Hydromax and Extreme.
Hydromax is the new series of the favorite Bathmate hydro pump, which goes in sizes X20 (up to 5 inches), X30 (5-7 inches), X40 (7-9 inches), X50 (more than 9 inches).

While choosing a penis enhancement pump that suits you in size, you ensure the maximum efficiency from using the pump, because the pressure is distributed precisely over the entire length of your penis. Well, and the most important is that according to research, the Bathmate Hydromax X-Series is 35% more efficient in use than the pumps of the previous series of Originals.

Xtreme is the most expensive, but at the same time, the most effective in use series of the Bathmate pump. Its feature is the use of handball, which gives more effective control over the pressure inside the tube. Manual control is for those men who understand their body and its reaction to stress. Typically, the Xtreme series is not used by beginners in the penis pumping. Instead, it is a newer qualitative level of using the penis pumping technique.

Also, the Extreme series includes many convenient and useful accessories such as a mobile carrying case, measuring guide, hose attachment, shower strap, wash towel. It should be noted that the Bathmate Extreme pump is the most powerful model of the Bathmate pump on the market, and it is the most efficient pump among all existing and known to us. It also comes in different sizes of X20, 30, 40, 50 as a series of Hydromax.

Xtreme is recommended for those who have already got into the penis pumping technique, interested in it on the forums and are willing to spend more time in the shower with the pump to learn the control of pressure and create by yourself with the help of handball.

3. How to use the penis pump with maximum efficiency and how long to wait for the results
Of course, before buying a pump, we want to understand the scheme of working with it. In fact, the instruction is elementary, and you will not need any unique skills and training to master the pump. Bathmate made sure that you can quickly activate the device and start working with it.


How to use a penis pump instruction:

  1. Open the valve at the top of the pump
  2. Select the comfort pad and attach it to the bottom of the pump
  3. Adjust gator
  4. Warming up for 5 minutes in the bathroom
  5. Fill the Hydromax with water
  6. Insert the penis into the pump and ensure a firm contact of the base with the body
  7. Activate the pump to create pressure
  8. Use 15 minutes a day

That’s the whole science. On this topic, there is a penis pump video instruction, a photo manual and it is straightforward to remember. What gives the use of the pump Bathmate Hydromax according to this scheme:

  1. Thanks to these penis exercises, you take care of your sexual health
  2. You can quickly and easily get an erection and get turned on by the slightest touch of a partner or even from erotic thoughts
  3. You can have sex longer with a sturdy erection
  4. You will be able to increase your penis not only in an erected state but the flaccid penis will also be longer.
  5. The growth of the penis will occur both in length and width
  6. What else do you need to grow a member other than Bathmate?

Many men believe that Bathmate can also be used with exercises for penis growth, someone uses a cock ring or even a penis extender. In fact, these are extremes that do not help you to achieve results faster. Preferably all this create additional pressure on the penis, which does not promote growth.

Remember, a penis needs to be stretched properly under pressure only 15 minutes a day, and the rest of the time is necessary for its recovery and tissue growth. This process does not need to interfere, and it occurs naturally. The only thing that can be advised to achieve more meaningful and fast results is the intake of bio-additives, such as VigRx plus.

This complex has a beneficial effect on the growth of the penis due to penis pumping, and also profoundly strengthens your sexual power, helps you to achieve an erection faster, keeps it more protracted and creates additional cells for the growth of the penis. This bio-additive is the only one of its kind, and its effectiveness is confirmed by clinical studies and medical licenses.

6. Why choose Bathmate Hydromax, and not buy the other pump?
In fact, Bathmate is more than a pump for the penis. You can call Bathmate your method of penis enlargement. This technology is supported only by two products – Bathmate and Penomet. Therefore, the choice to make is not so difficult, and both of these devices are worthy doing their job, and probably the advantage of Hydromax here only is that you reach the result faster and it’s more visible. It is more than real to enlarge a penis to 3 inches.

7. Are penis pumps safe?bathmate-certificate1 You can read reviews on how men use Bathmate, what they feel during the process of pumping and what results are being achieved. But you definitely will not see the accurate reports that Bathmate caused some inconveniences related to the health of the penis. In fact, due to the soft and safe technology, based on water, you can be calm for stretching a cock in such a hydro-vacuum. Water softens the process of stretching tissues. Everything will be fine if you follow the recommendations for the care and use of the pump. It is proved that Bathmate is 250% more efficient and safer than any other shoe on the market.

8. Bathmate penis pump reviews?
Reviews on the official website will not give you a real picture. Only real stories of real people on the forums will tell the truth. But it is the success stories that primarily motivate us to buy Bathmate. We decided to collect here a few such stories, and you can find the original on the most popular forums Pegym and Matterforsize

Senior Member
forum name: “Venice Man Dick.”
I’m incredibly happy, after six months of using Bathmate I was able to enlarge the penis by 2 inches in length and 1.5 in width. I know, many people say that pumps work better for penis width, and it is recommended to use Jelqing exercises for equitable enlargement. But at me, all has turned out, though I did not depart from the instruction. Uniform growth of the penis has been fixed holding for three months without additional exercises or pumping, where the length for me is the most important. And, the erection has become much stronger and more lasting. I’m pleased with not only the size of the penis but also its new capabilities. Earlier I needed time to get turned on, and now I’m excited instantly just looking at my partner.

Forum Donator
Forum name: Skyline
I want to confirm the impeccable work of Bathmate. Earlier I used air pumps and achieved only a slight increase in the penis of 0.3 inches in 4 months. After reading the recommendations on the forum, I bought a Bathmate and was able to build up the width of the penis quickly, and the length was given a little slower. Only after three months, I saw a 1-inch growth, which completely threw me and gave me hope. I don’t understand why I need experiments with devices, pills, exercises when I relax in the bathroom for 15 minutes a day, and I can see the growth of the penis in length and width and be comfortable.

New Member
Forum name: Fossy
I’m still entirely new at the penis enlargement, but it seems that I made the right choice by buying the Bathmate Hydromax penis pump because before this the use of Jelqing techniques did not produce the desired result. Now I combine them using a pump, and the growth has already started in 2 months. I managed so quickly to achieve an inch in length and 0.2 in width! This happened despite the fact that I was engaged in jelqing for six months for 20 minutes a day and without much success. Sometimes it’s worth spending $140 on a worthwhile product that will make you happier.

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