Penis Straightening Device to Fix a Bent Penis. Does it Work?

But be careful, as a lot of these resources provide misinformation, ungrounded facts or subjective and not professional opinions – do not believe it and consult a doctor. Let’s see what top 5 false facts about Peyronie’s Disease (PD) and penis straighteners are.

Illusion 1: PD causes cancer

PD leads to the growth of plaque in the penis. But this plaque may be nonmalignant and noncancerous and, thus, does not cause any cancer in men.

The fact is that not all tumors spread from the damaged parts of the body and affect healthy ones. And note that the disease is not contagious and categorized as a sexually transmitted infection or any other transmittable sexual dysfunction.

Illusion 2: PD is described as a health problem without referring to the purpose

Traumas and injuries to the penis (sports activity, sex or accident consequences) are considered to be the most common causes of PD. The disease tends to cause sexual problems, including soft erections, pain during sexual activity, and penis curvature, as well as diabetes and hypertension.

It includes a heredity factor – if your father suffers from PD, you have a higher risk of the condition. Quick Extender Pro penis straightening device is the perfect tool to straighten a bent penis and improve your male sexual power.

The penile straightening is a soft, gentle and effective way to treat PD in a natural way in as little as 30 days.

Besides, PD can appear in men who suffer from Dupuytren’s disease (palm problems), Paget’s disease (bone or breast problems), and Ledderhose’s disease (plantar fibromatosis).

Illusion 3: PD is a disease that affects mostly young men

A real fact is that 75% of men suffering from PD are 48 years old, and some of them are 65 years old. The risk of the disease becomes higher with age as age-related changes in the body make your tissues softer.

They require more time to heal well. Studies show that the condition mostly occurs in men over 40 though there are rare cases in teens.

It does not really care what is your age if you’re affected by PD, you are recommended to use Quick Extender Pro penis straightening device to eliminate any penis curvature in a matter of weeks. The results will be permanent.

Illusion 4: Surgery is the best way to straighten a bent penis and stop its further occurrence

Surgery, including the Nesbit operation, should be the last option in treating the disease – and it should be performed by a highly professional urological surgeon.

Remember that this method applies the highest risk, requires large amounts of money, and, in fact, does not ensure that the condition will not come back someday.

You do not need to risk and pay thousands of dollars for surgery, which may lead to continuous side effects. Quick Extender Pro penis straightener is a much more effective, safe and natural solution to PD. You can order it worldwide and use it for a few hours a day.

Illusion 5: Penis curvature has no backlink to erectile dysfunction

PD cannot be caused by erectile dysfunction in men (as it results from traumas to the penis) though it can lead to erectile dysfunction.

It may cause problems in getting or keeping hard, firm, and long-lasting erections, as well as pain in the penis during erections. Studies show that 30% to 80% of men suffering from PD experience erectile dysfunction.

If you notice any symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease, including scar tissue, penile curvature, erection problems, or a shorter penis, you should consult your healthcare provider and choose a safe treatment like a Quick Extender Pro penis straightener. For example, natural supplements, traction devices or penis straighteners – avoiding risky and expensive surgeries.

Natural ingredients can help improve your sexual function, and extenders are reported to treat bends to the penis.

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